Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the answers we’ve been able to give on previous occasions.

Consumers want to see a purchasing process that is fast and easy and can be taken care of any time, any place. Manufacturers and retailers are keen to offer that type of service.
Viafix is for consumers who’ve made up their minds. The ones who don’t want to waste time shopping or sending reply cards, but want to get it done. Easy, quick and safe. Whether they’re placing a repeat order of a bag of animal food or buying the latest book of a popular novelist or responding to a fantastic promotion in their daily paper.

The Viafix app makes life easier, cheaper and more adventurous – safely and without additional costs. Respond to ads and promotions anytime, anywhere by simply pointing your smartphone at a (Viafix) QR-code. To you, checkouts are open 24/7. With the Viafix app on your smartphone you get the best deals, you have a chance to win fun prizes and you can easily see how your opinion compares to the points of view of others. The keywords: fun, safe, easy, free.
Ordering products as advertised with Viafix is direct and immediate. There is no need for the customer to find an online or offline store and no risk for the vendor of losing a customer’s interest. Viafix puts both the proposition and the decision to buy in a whole new context. Moreover, without pre-investments Viafix saves costs on order intake, enhances data quality and response analysis, and increases conversion.
All media. From indoor and outdoor advertising to daily newspapers and weekly magazines, from product packaging to radio and television and even word-of-mouth: consumers can add codes to the app and share them with their friends.
Publishers are facing decreasing circulation rates and advertising revenue. The Viafix concept makes papers and magazines even more exciting as the profitability of advertising improves. The value of promotions improves as responses are both easier for the consumer and more measurable for the advertiser and publisher. Similarly, Viafix makes it easier to attract new subscribers and retain them with easy-to-organise loyalty campaigns. Viafix makes it easier for publishers to gain strategically important insights into the interests, opinions and values as well as of the conversion rates of their target groups.
Viafix is perfect for online stores that want to want to reach new customers. Many purchases are decided when people aren’t inside a store (online or offline) but, for instance, in their kitchen or bathroom. Wherever they are, their smartphones will often be within reach and Viafix makes it very easy for them to place an order.

By adding their products and services to Viafix they’re reaching consumers at just the right time, without additional costs. As soon as consumers establish a customer relationship, vendors can start expanding on it with offers, promotions and of course outstanding customer service.

Viafix is also an excellent tool to take service to existing customers to the next level. Sometimes, when they might be interesting in making a purchase, it’s inconvenient to go online and search through a store looking for that one particular product. And so they postpone, or make the purchase when they happen on the product somewhere else, or it may even slip their minds completely. Viafix takes away the barriers to placing an order, especially when a customer isn’t looking to shop but to fix a purchase.
Viafix is also perfect for traditional stores that want to keep less in stock and have more variety on offer. That want to make life easier for their customers by eliminating checkout queues and heavy shopping bags. When customers can simply have that drying rack or side table delivered to their door without having to wait in line, shopping is simply much more fun.

Many retailers are struggling to survive in the competition within their catchment areas, a serious social issue as consumers will have less choice and shopping areas and city centres are at risk of losing their appeal and employment opportunities.

Viafix allows stores to focus more specifically on inspiring their customers. Easy ordering with Viafix reduces the need for checkout points and frees up valuable floor space for product displays. Sales aren’t even limited to product variants that are in local supply. This way, brick and mortar stores can combine the efficient pricing and completeness of range of an online store with the inspiration and service of the high street. Consumers love it.
The name is a bit of a giveaway: Viafix doesn’t sell products or services, but acts as an intermediate that makes it easier to place your orders and respond to ads.
It’s very easy. When you see something you like, simply scan the QR-code on the product or in the ad. If there isn’t a QR-code, type the name of the product into the app. As soon as the Viafix app finds the product you’re looking for, all it takes to order is two more clicks.
Advertisers use the Viafix portal to generate a Viafix QR-code that they include in their ad. When you scan the QR-code, the Viafix app finds the product and the related response form. The first time you use the app, you fill in your details. The app saves your details – on your phone, not on some server – for future use. If necessary, you can add your signature to the form for perfectly secure transmission to Viafix as a PDF and a data string. After the advertiser collects your data, they are removed from the Viafix system.

You can also type in the numbers of the code (or a piece of text) in the Viafix app. Very convenient if you want to respond to something on television, radio, an outdoor advertising board or something you heard from your friends.

Besides codes in advertisements, Viafix also offers webshop owners the possibility to upload product feeds. When a product code is scanned, the app shows all suppliers within the catchment area. The customer can then choose a supplier and uses the app to place the order.
A question of image. Viafix offers an action that is practical and fast, while QR have come to be used for many different and often time-consuming things like viewing websites, downloading apps or watching video clips. Besides, most products already have a QR-code which can be used to easily add them to the range that’s available through Viafix.
• Scan & Win: Easy and free chance to win prizes.
  ‘Free’ and ‘chance to win’ are the key words here. In addition, there can be deliverables such as a brochure or a product sample, provided they are free.
• Scan & Order: Easy response to an offer as advertised.
  This can also involved free offers such as a brochure or product sample, or a chance to win something in addition to the purchase order. But not ‘free’ as well as ‘chance to win’.
• Scan & Vote: Easy comparison of viewpoints.
  Polls can include both statements (agree/disagree) and ratings (numbers 1 to 10).
In addition to special Viafix codes, the app can also scan regular QR-codes on product packages. The app also lets you type in Viafix QR-codes or product names.
No, Viafix only reads advertising codes that were generated within the portal.
At this point, the Viafix app is available for iOS (Apple) and Android (Samsung, HTC, LG and Sony Ericsson among others). There are no plans to add other platforms in the foreseeable future.
Vendor offers are not legally binding, but purchase orders are. When a vendor accepts a purchase order, a legally binding agreement has been made that is subject to the terms of conditions of the vendor.

Vendors may refuse an order and make an alternative offer, for instance when a product is no longer available and there are suitable alternatives. If the customer accepts the alternative offer, a new and legally binding agreement is established.
The vendor collects the payment after the order has been placed. Payment options include direct debit and cash on delivery or, in the Netherlands, acceptance giro or online iDEAL payments. In individual cases, vendors may choose to request payment in advance.
Orders exceeding 20 euros are delivered free of charge.
Viafix acts only as an intermediate between the customer and the vendor. If your order is listed in the app’s order history on your smartphone, you can be certain that the order has been delivered to the vendor. For any further questions regarding your order, please contact the vendor directly.
The personal data you supply when you place an order are stored until the order is accepted by the vendor. As soon as possible (for reasons of quality assurance, data may be kept for one week) Viafix permanently deletes your data.

In short, Viafix does not keep permanent records of your personal data. If you like, you can choose to keep a permanent record on your smartphone. But you don’t have to.
All data we transmit will be shown for your approval.
Yes, we do. For more information, please have a look at our privacy statement.